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The Healthcare industry is facing a rapid change. Changing demographics, increasing rate of chronic diseases, advance in medical sciences and health information technology are changing the way we deliver care. The healthcare system will need to adapt to support these changes and hospitals and health systems will need to acquire new competencies.

In addition to treating patients, physicians are also expected to keep themselves abreast of latest developments in the medical field, as it’s not just the quantity of care but also the quality that leads to better treatment outcomes.

Our Solutions

We conduct various pharmaceutical events & activities to support CMEs and ensure that doctors are made aware of the latest happenings in the healthcare space.

Doctor Conferences

Saarathi conducts all types of Doctor conferences, external and internal resources, International / Domestic conferences and meetings including congresses. The various formats for interactive forums are:

  •  Global Congresses
  •  Issue-based Debates
  •  Advocacy Symposia
  •  Panel Discussions
  •  Web-based CMEs

Mentorship Programs

Doctor to Patients ratio varies from very high in under-developed economies to very low in the developed countries. In India the ratio stands at 1700 patients per doctor.

It hence becomes important that specialists undertake mentorship programs for physicians to manage initial presentation; maintenance of patients. Over the years, Saarathi has facilitated numerous such programs in various therapy areas across the country.


Self Assessment CMEs

Globally attaining CME credits within stipulated periods is mandatory for clinicians and India too shall follow suit promptly.

We have been instrumental in drawing up synergy with a number of global and domestic Institutions and Universities to procure latest Accredited CMEs and also develop Self Assessment Programs endorsed and certified by Institutes/Universities for various specialties.

Communication Tools

The physician of the future won’t show up to work with a satchel and stethoscope, but rather with a tablet or a smart phone which neatly fits into the pocket of his white coat.

Saarathi garners the power of Information Technology to customise innovative communication and interaction tools that help physicians communicate with the patients and also comprehend complicated clinical procedures.

  • Virtual case challenges

    These tools are a set of interactive case studies of virtual patients specially designed to aid clinical practice regimens, bearing;

    •  Initial Case Presentation
    •  Additional Patient Information
    •  Differential Diagnosis
    •  Lab-test, Diagnostic Studies
    •  Treatment Regimen
    •  Optimal Outcome
    •  Results and Summary

    Each section has multiple options with a prompt for incorrect /
    correct answers with referenced rationale supporting them.

  • Mobile Applications

    iOS /Android based Mobile Application that would be easily downloadable with specific access code. The application would focus on specialty segments on a therapy area, for e.g. Major Depressive Disorders, General Anxiety Disorders, Border-line Personality Disorders. In-built features help guide users to information on disease management like:

    • Guidelines/Algorithms
    • Journal Reviews
    • Recent News and Updates