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Saarathi Healthcare, the torchbearer infusing excellence in Patient-centric Disease Management stratum

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Saarathi Healthcare, the torchbearer infusing excellence in Patient-centric Disease Management stratum

The World is a bouquet of strong, bold, beautiful and courageous women who amidst of their darkest hours and share of struggles sparkled up to beat the hurdles and became the inspiration for others. One such inspiration Ranjeeta Vinil is a woman of undaunted spirit. While infusing her skills as a Head in Patient relationship management, she witnessed the reality of patient needs and gaps in the existing system which wanted to be addressed to transform the healthcare deliverables space in India. When good things were about to take off, she was detected with an early stage breast cancer. But she didn’t let the disease, treatments or other related complications stop her from reaching goals and achieving dreams despite she fought bravely, and survived with resolve. Her personal experience through the journey to recovery sparked her entrepreneurial spirit and led to the foundation of Saarathi Healthcare, in 2008.

In a chat with The CEO Magazine, Ranjeeta Vinil – Founder & Director, Saarathi Healthcare speaks about Saarathi’s unique entrepreneurial journey and how she charted the road to success,


“Saarathi’s entrepreneurial journey overcame a myriad of hurdles to reach where it is today. Being an innovative and unconventional concept that preached a patient centric healthcare delivery model and absolutely deviated from the existing practices in the Pharma industry, it was a jaw breaking job to sprout in the unmapped boundaries. However, our commitment to the cause encouraged us to pursue against all odds. Sweating blood and bones interwoven with determination and constant perseverance eventually convinced few companies which approached the concept rationally and agreed to adopt our concept on a trial basis. Saarathi’s first client was Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories which was soon followed by UCB and Novartis. 

Each project was unique and brought challenges that were new in this space; they needed specific tailor made programs and had to be monitored very closely to ensure success. Finally, the positive feedbacks from patients served as a testimony to the efficacy of the concept and Saarathi’s capability to deliver. Today, we partner with majority of the top Healthcare companies in India who are convinced that a Patient centric approach is the way to take the healthcare industry forward. In the span of nine years, we have evolved from a patient and disease management company to one stop solution provider for all access/compliance and other related services. True to our vision the company will continue to remain at the edge of the innovation curve to optimally utilize all opportunities in the healthcare space for better treatment outcomes.”



Spearheading the realm of Healthcare Industry

The protocol of going the extra mile to create personalized solutions that possess best applicability breathes in Saarathi’s work culture. Not only developing customized solutions, but also their successful execution keeps utmost concern for Saarathi’s passionate and dedicated professionals who truly love what they do. Operational since last nine years, Saarathi has managed to become the largest player in the patient space with more than 500,000 patients and has acquired leadership having partnered with more than 50% of the pharma companies that includes all the leading ones in the country.

Saarathi Healthcare Private Limited has acquired a prominent position as a pioneering leader in India’s healthcare landscape with its transformative concept of patient-centric disease management. The emergence of Saarathi symbolizes a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery – from episodic care to preventive care and chronic disease management. Saarathi today thrives as a fully integrated healthcare company with professionals from the field of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, technology, advertisement and communication to deliver customized and innovative solutions for better healthcare outcomes.The company’s vision is to ‘Democratize healthcare world over’; a world, where best possible healthcare is available to one and all. It aims to positively impact all verticals of healthcare deliveries to ensure this vision, by building symbiotic relations with all the stake holders and creating innovative solutions beneficial to all.

Groundbreaking Portfolio

Over the course of years, Saarathi has developed a robust portfolio focused on impacting all verticals of healthcare deliveries. Saarathi’s inventive solutions are devoted to patient empowerment, support for healthcare practitioners, tele medicine and rural healthcare. The organization has been involved in finding innovative solutions to optimally utilize the existing resources for better healthcare and treatment outcomes. Let’s catch a glimpse of what Saarathi’s exclusive solutions have to offer:

  • Patient Empowerment Solutions–Saarathi’s initiatives for patient empowerment are poised to be get a paradigm shift in the existing healthcare deliverables from episodic care to preventive care services. These services are primarily focused on Patient centric coordinated care supported by CRM platforms to deliver high value treatment outcomes while empowering patients to take control of their disease through awareness, patient centric support and counseling. Solutions typically include systematic screening for disease prevention and chronic condition management leading to better treatment and better disease management. The company has benefited nearly 2500000 patients till date.
  • Support for stakeholders of healthcare industry – Saarathi strives for achieving better treatment outcomes for patients and to achieve that the company supports different stake holders in the Healthcare industry with the sole aim of positively impacting the overall health deliverables. Here’s a brief look at them:
  • Pharmaceutical companies – customized solutions are provided for increasing revenue and improving brand image through innovative technology driven customized marketing initiatives; solutions are completely patient centric with a focus to ultimately create more value for the patients
  • Healthcare Practitioners –one stop solutions provider forhealthcare practitioners and enables them to practice and lead in a dynamic healthcare environment; multichannel engagements with physicians to support them garner skills and knowledge to cope up with the changing trends in healthcare; necessary proactive support to doctors that helps them manage and treat their patients better and thus facilitate better treatment outcomes
  • Customized Patient Management and Elder care – customized patient and elder care programs based on the specific requirements of the individuals; programs are geared to help clients manage their disease, save on healthcare costs, reduce hospital visits and most importantly help them live healthier lives
  • Point of Care – holistic solutions provider; an absolute blend of Point of care Products, Platforms and Practitioners for customized interventions to meet specific needs of clients
  • Telemedicine – In the wake of enabling patients to reduce hospital visits while going through treatment, Saarathi with its combination of tele counseling facilities and other point of care interventions has been working towards alternative options like home care for patients through tele medicine. Through Point of Care, it offers various products that help patients monitor various health parameters in the safety of their homes thus reducing hospital visits and better treatment outcomes.
  • Rural Healthcare – Saarathi extends its hands of support to the vast rural population through several initiatives. Through ‘Rural Reach programs’ on behalf of various Pharma companies, Saarathi conducts screening camps and creates awareness towards chronic diseases like Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Epilepsy, Diabetes and Arthritis across Pan India. Also, facilitation is provided with value added services like Loan schemes for treatment; distribution of free medicines; guiding patients to avail the right treatment as well as follow up with patients to ensure treatment completion.

Words of Wisdom

“The success in your own entrepreneurial idea bearing fruit and the way it impacts the society in a positive manner is most satisfying and worth all the effort “

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SWAROOP CHANDOLA, US Absorb Marketing Manager, Abbott Vascular

From conceptualization to implementation, to the minute details of work, Saarathi team has been there and did it all for the project ReNew. Their spirit and enthusiasm for the work, speaks in the quality of their deliverables.

FARIDA HUSSAIN, Vice President Marketing, USV Pharmaceutical Ltd.

Saarathi has been an asset for our patient retention program. Their ability to ensure at the successful running program, despite all odds is exceptional which could only be possible because of their passion for what they do.

RITA CHANDRACHUD, AP Marketing Director, Oncology, AP, China & Japan at MSD

Saarathi’s team is very passionate about patient care. I am truly motivated by their drive to combine patient care and provide a business model that grows with time.

MUKUL BAGGA, Business Head, Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

An organization needs to be patient centric to meet the unique challenges of making high-cost medicines available in India. As Novartis was grappling with this challenge for some of our research products, we had the good fortune of coming in contact with Saarathi.

RAJ AIREY, Founding Partner, at Healthstart pte ltd

Ranjeeta has a deep understanding of the Healthcare market with particular focus on consumers. She is one of the leading lights in India, moving towards customer based marketing for pharmaceuticals. Her business is doing well due to her ability to work hard with passion and focus.

SANDEEP BHATTACHARYA, Managing Director, AUREAX Healthcare Consulting Pvt Ltd

Saarathi’s deep commitment towards patient centricity has been their hallmark over the years, especially due to their Leader Ranjeeta Vinil. It is something that she excels in and enjoys doing. Can be a significant source of value to pharmaceutical companies who wish to follow a patient-centric business model.

VINEET KALIA,Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Micro labs Ltd

Saarathi associates are thorough professionals in their approach. They have done some exceptional work that has few parallels in the industry. Great work towards Patient Care !

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IFAH - 2019

Top 50 Healthcare Companies
Around the World.

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Eye For Pharma -2019

Entrepreneur Award:
Patient Solution.

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UBM Pharma Awards – 2014.

Emerging Entrepreneur

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The World Health & Wellness Congress and Awards - 2017

50 Outstanding Women in Healthcare
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India Health and Wellness Summit and Awards 2015

Ranked as 10th company in Innovative Healthcare Delivery Model and 7th in Healthcare Entrepreneurship.

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About Saarathi

Saarathi Healthcare Private Ltd is a dynamic Healthcare Company with a vision to democratize healthcare world over, the company has always worked towards filling the gaps in healthcare deliverables.

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